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Related article: Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 09:47:09 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid 9Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental. Chapter 9 Christ. Driving back to the Inn, I realized I didn't even know the kids name. I'd fucked him twice, got a blow-job and a shit load of pictures of him and didn't know anything about him except he had a great body and ass. Ha, ha, ha. Well I'd find out for sure on Thursday, if he showed up.When I got back to the Inn, I parked Darrell's jeep and walked to my cottage to shower. I saw the Van was back, but when I got to my cottage no one was there. I enjoyed a long hot shower, put on shorts and a shirt, sat down at my laptop and up loaded all the pictures I took today. I was looking at the ones of the kid I had fucked when my three boys walked in.Onou looked over my shoulder."Hello Father. Nice looking boy.""Yeah, he is. Met him today on my drive down the beach.""Well I suppose your all tired out now." He giggled."Onou. I'm never too tired for my wonderful sons.""Well after dinner would be better Father. We came back to see if you were home. We were going up for dinner. But I'd much prefer a snack first.""Oh so Preteen Pussy Pics I'm just a snack for you now?" I laughed.I didn't think a Negro could blush, but it sure looked like he got quite a bit darker."I'm sorry, that's not what I meant." He looked like he was ready to cry.I stood up and wrapped my arms around him."Hey. I was only kidding Son. How bout we have dinner and then I can enjoy all three of you for desert."I kissed all three and they had to readjust their shorts. All three were hard. After they got themselves more presentable we walked to the Inn for dinner. The other six boys were already seated and stood as I came up to the table."Sit down boys. You need not stand every time I walk in." I chuckled.I saw John Hanna, my Lawyer and another man sitting having dinner. I walked over and greeted all three. The third man was Casey Wickman an accountant from Clanwilliam. John told me he was staying here tonight and would move back to the Ship Wreck Inn the next morning. He told me he would put up all three men at Preteen Pussy Pics the Resort."Sounds good. I'll send Onou up to the Inn tomorrow with a crew to help you. First thing I want done is the old servants quarters burned to the ground. Along with any of the garbage Gooseman brought with him.""Consider that my first priority." John said."Enjoy your evening gentle men." I went back to the boy's table and sat down. Darrell set a bottle of ice -cold 'Carte Blanca' beer beside me.Dinner was another example of delicious African cuisine. I turned down desert because I had something else in mind to finish the wonderful meal. During the meal I explained what was happening the next day. After we were all done we left and walked down by the ocean and just enjoyed the cool evening letting our dinner digest.After about an hour I headed to my cottage with my three sons in tow. All three stripped as soon as they were in the door. I saw all three also very hard. I walked into the spare bedroom and dropped my shorts and shirt on the floor. I laid on the bed on my back and motioned Devine over."You first son. You know how I like it."Devine climbed up and straddled my chest, leaned over and pushed his cock into my mouth and straight down my throat. He then leaned forward and started pump in and out. I could feel Devine's balls slap my chin as he bottomed out on my throat. Some of his thrusts forced my gag reflex to trigger, but he never slowed down. I felt a tongue on my rosebud and that just made me harder. Soon after that I felt a hot mouth going down on my cock. These boys sure knew how to hit the right buttons. I wasn't prepared when Devine unloaded and there was so much, that some was forced out and down my chin. He unloaded 6 massive blasts of sweet sperm into my throat. It seemed like he had been hording it for a week. He just pulled out, no thank you, not a word. I finished swallowing his load and looked up to see Onou's cock descending toward my lips. He was a bit more gentle, as he pushed his much larger cock into my mouth. He didn't stop though until it was seated deep in my throat. He then started to slowly fuck my face, long slow thrusts. There was still one of the boys, Steven I was sure, rimming my ass. I knew I was getting close, when Devine's hot mouth slipped onto my cock. That was all it took. I blasted into his mouth."Now Master." Was all Onou said.Onou unloaded into my mouth. I reached up as I swallowed and pulled him into me. As his cock sank into my throat, my throat muscles caught it and pulled him deeper. I had never been able to swallow all ten inches of him, but this time it was pulled so deep his tight ball sack was resting on my chin. All I could do was continue to swallow. I couldn't breathe. As his cock softened he pulled it out and dropped down and almost smothered me with kisses. After I got breathe back and relaxed a little, I turned and looked at Steven, 'His' turn, with his huge cock."Are you sure Father?""Come on Son. Just like your brothers. I want it all.""Okay." He straddled my chest.I knew this was going to really tough. His cock was like a beer can, a foot long beer can and the head was almost bigger than my fist. How a five foot 9 inch boy could have a cock so huge was beyond me, but I was determined to take it all. As he hesitated with the head on my lips, I reached up and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him forward. As the head went into my mouth, he leaned forward and dropped his weight onto his cock. As the monster tool slide in it felt like my jaw was becoming unhinged. The pain was very acute. He moved back and forth and side to side to work more of his cock into my mouth. When it hit the top of my throat, I began to choke and gag. In my mind I knew I couldn't take all of him. Everything in me, every part of me was now concentrated on the tool invading my throat. As the head worked it's way past the entrance to my throat, all of a sudden it just slipped to the base of my throat. I think it startled him as much as me. The gag reflex was gone and even the pain in my jaw was dulled. It's as if my mind finally decided to quit fighting it and enjoy. When he pulled back to my mouth, I took a good breath and then he started back in. No choking, no gagging. It went all the way to the base. When I opened my eyes finally, I could see about two inches of his cock still out of my mouth. He started a real slow face fuck, groaning as he pushed it in and out. I watched in awe as his orange sized balls slowly tightened up. I knew he was getting close. He was almost to the base of my throat when his cock unloaded like a fire hose. His first shot totally filled my throat. I swallowed and swallowed. To my astonishment, I watched as the last two inches of his cock disappeared into my mouth. Steven wailed like a banshee, as he pumped his load into me. I was sure his cock was half way to my stomach. His cock continued to throb as my throat milked him. It was like I never wanted it out. He finally yelled."NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!" While pushing on my shoulders to pull out.As his cock Preteen Pussy Pics slipped past my lips, he would have fallen on top of me if Onou hadn't grabbed him. I reached up and jacked his softening cock and licked the few drops off the tip. He bolted back, trying to get off me.When I looked at his face he was crying. In joy or pain I wasn't sure."Are you okay Son?" I croaked."Father, It was so, so, so weird. I have never felt like that before."I reached up and pulled him down and kissed him deeply."I haven't either Son. It felt wonderful to have all of you in me."We necked for a bit and then he stood up. Both of my other two sons had grins from ear to ear. I sat up on the edge of the bed."Well I think I need a beer to cool off." I said smiling.We went out to the living room and I sat down on the couch. Steven brought me a beer and handed one to the other two as well. I told Devine and Steven that they would be coming with me to Cape Town in the morning, explaining what I had to do. They were happy about that. About an hour later a light tap came from the door. Onou got up and answered and a very short black male walked in. He couldn't have been more than five, five."Hello Master. My name is Taga.""How old are you Taga?" I asked."Almost nineteen Master.""Really?"He quickly handed me his drivers licence. I knew you had to be eighteen to get drivers liscence in South Africa. I handed it back."So how are you tonight?""Scared Master." He said as he undressed."What are you scared of Taga?""Well Master, I have never done anything like this before except suck on cocks. I have Preteen Pussy Pics never had it the other way."Jesus. Another virgin. My cock started to get hard as I thought about fucking his very small and very tight ass. I also realized that it would make him even worse and might just tramitize him. So much for fucking him."Would you like a beer son?""Thank you Master.""Come over here and sit down, I don't bite.He walked to the couch and sat down between Devine and me. His eyes wandered around the room and then he looked down."What's the matter Taga?""Your all so big and I'm so small, I'll never be any fun for you."I reached down and jacked his cock a few times. He got very hard. He had a very nice 6 inch, fairly thick cock."Your perfect Taga. That's a very nice cock.""Really Master."He looked down at my thickening cock."It's going to hurt when you put that in me isn't it?""I'm not going to put it inside you Taga."He started to cry. Really cry. He looked at me and said."Why Master, why?""Taga, if I put my cock in you I may hurt or even injure you very badly. Your so small, I'm not even sure I could get it in you.""That's what everyone says. I'm too small. It's not fair. I want to be like everyone else Master. Please, please Master."I looked into his pleading eyes. Christ, I really didn't want to take this kids cherry. He really was small and I knew it would hurt so much he might never recover. Okay. I could let Devine take him first. He was about the same length as me, but not nearly as thick."Okay, but Devine will do it first.""NO! I want you first!""Okay son. But don't say I didn't warn you."He smiled and then stood up and kissed me."Thank you Master.""Okay sit down and finish your beer. Onou can you bring me another."We sat and talked for about an hour. I told my Sons about my adventure on the beach today. Taga never took his eyes off me. It was almost eerie. At one point I pulled him closer and he laid his head on my shoulder. I was sure he was totally in love with me. After we were all finished our beers, Onou and Steven retired to their bedroom. I stood up and took Taga's hand and led him into the other bedroom. I told him to lay down on the bed on his back. He was very calm and did as I told him."Devine go to my bag and get the tube of KY jelly. Also bring the roll of tape and a sock."I sat down on the edge of the bed."Taga, I'm going to explain everything first. In order for me to get my cock into your tight bottom, I'm going to have to loosen you up a bit. I'll be using first one finger, then two and finally three. I'll take it easy. After I think your ready, I'm going to have to gag you, so you don't bother any of the other people in the cottages. Other wise I think your screams would make them think I was killing you or something. When I put my cock inside you there is going to be more pain than you have ever felt before. Devine will be holding you down."He just nodded.Devine brought the KY, tape, and sock over to the bed. He handed me the KY and sat sown at the head of the bed. I maneuvered myself between Taga's legs and lifted them up and looked at his very small rosebud. Damn this was going to very tough to do and be very painful for Taga."Are you really sure about this Taga? Your so small it is going to really hurt.""Yes Master."I just shook my head and dived in and started to rim him. He started to moan and his cock started to harden. After several minutes of rimming him I applied a gob of KY on his pucker and slowly worked a finger into him. He groaned in pain as my finger pushed in. I pushed it all the way in and moved it around inside. At one point I found his love button and his back arched and he moaned very loud. I slipped out and started back in with two fingers. They slipped in easy and soon he was again groaning in pleasure as I worked his prostrate. After several minutes I inserted a third finger. This time he cried out in pain. I indicated for Devine to gag him. After the gag was Preteen Pussy Pics in and I was assured by Taga, that he could breath, I started to twist by fingers around to loosen him up. He squirmed in pain Preteen Pussy Pics and Devine finally sat on his arms to keep him in place. Time for the main event. I pulled my three fingers out and placed the tube of KY in his rosebud and squeezed a liberal amount into his ass. I then coated my cock with the KY. I pushed the head of my cock against his rosebud and just pushed. He thrashed on the bed as my cock pushed past the outer ring and slipped past his inner. Tears were streaming down his face and he was crying through the gag. I stopped there and waited for his ass to get used to my head in him. As this point, one part of my mind said just shove it in to the hilt. The other said 'No', take it slow. I opted for the midway point. I started to apply pressure and my cock slowly entered him. He started to thrash on the bed. Moving his hips back and fourth and up and down trying to dislodge the pole splitting him open. His gyrations just made it easier for my cock to slid in. My cock finally stopped going into him and when I looked down I could still see a good inch of my cock. He had about 7 inches inside him. I just stopped pushing."I'm in all the way Taga."I looked at his face. His eyes were squeezed shut and tears were steaming down his face. He was breathing very fast and when I placed my hand on his chest, his heart was beating very, very fast."The worst of the pain is over." I lied.I was curious to see if I had ripped any of his ass muscles at my entry and so slowly pulled back out of him. When I looked at my cock, there was no blood on it at all. Thinking about it I realized that the only blood I had seen was on Devine, when Onou fucked him the first time. These young black boys seemed to have an almost elastic ass. Even after being fucked multiple times they closed up very fast. I slowly started back in Taga. He again tried to dislodge me. This time when I was all the way in I didn't stop, just pulled back again. I started to slowly fuck him. Slow easy strokes, in and out. He continued to cry and thrash. I slowly speeded up until I was moving in and out at about half my normal speed. His very tight ass was really getting me going. Well this was not going to be the time I fucked him tonight. One last thrust deep into him and I unloaded. My cock remained very hard and I thought about fucking him again right then, but figured I would let Devine do him first before I did him again. I slowly pulled back and out. He sighed with relief as my cock exited his tight bottom."Your turn Devine."His snapped open when I said it and he shook his head back and forth no. I pulled off the tape and removed his gag. I straddled his chest and told him to suck my cock."If you bite, I'll have Steven come in next." I told him.As he started to suck me Devine just entered him. I felt his teeth briefly on my cock but then he just sucked. Devine didn't go slow, instead just pile drived the kids ass. He still squirmed at Devine's onslaught, but I also noticed a perceptible change. He started to really suck on my cock. I pushed more of my cock into his mouth and he continued to suck it."Master!" Devine said.I knew Devine was coming in Taga's ass. As Devine unloaded I felt the hot sperm from Taga spurting onto my back. I pulled out of Taga's mouth and slipped off his chest. Devine had exited and was now rimming Taga. He was no longer crying and his moans of pleasure were quite loud. When Devine was done, I told him to sit at the head o the bed. I told Taga to get on his knees and suck on Devine. Taga did as he was told and was soon sucking Devine's soft cock. I got on my knees behind Taga, lined up, grabbed his thighs and drove my cock in all the way in one thrust. His back arched up and he would have screamed bloody murder if Devine hadn't been holding him on his cock. No holding back anything this time. I just fucked his boy pussy as hard and as fast as I could. It took almost 30 minutes before I again blew in his ass. When I went soft I pulled out and stood by the bed."Taga. Suck me clean." I ordered him.As he sucked me, Devine rimmed him again."Well son was it worth it?" I asked Taga."Yes Master. Will you do it gain?""Well I need sometime to recover.""Okay." He looked very disappointed."I could always get Onou and Steven in here if you want them to fuck you."He was sitting on his ass on the bed as he thought about it. I watched his cock slowly harden."Please Master." He said."Taga. Onou's cock is thicker and longer than mine and Stevens is like a 12 inch beer can. If you thought it was painful when I entered you, your going to be in a hell of lot more when Onou and Steven use you.""I still want them both." He said."Okay." I left the room and came back with my other two boys. Taga's eyes got real big when he saw how really big both were."You still sure son?""Yes Master. Just like you Master.""Go ahead Onou. As fast and as hard as you like."Onou looked at me with a real question in his eyes. He shook his head and then walked over to the bed. Taga just laid down on back. Onou grabbed his legs and pulled him to the Preteen Pussy Pics edge of the bed and lifted them up. Devine climbed onto Taga's chest and stuffed his cock in Taga's mouth. Onou took a long look at the open hole of Taga. There was still plenty on cumm from the previous three times he was fucked, dripping from his hole. Onou shook his head and stepped up and placed the head of his cock at the entrance. I saw him close his eyes, just before in one sharp hard thrust drove into the boy's ass. Taga's back arched up in a spasm of pain, his scream gurgled past the cock filling his mouth. Onou pulled back and then pushed in a second time. Taga's body remained stiff and the scream continued. On the third entry his body slumped faint to the bed and Onou pulled out. Blood covered Onou's cock. More was oozing from his ravaged hole. Onou looked down at his cock and burst out crying."Steven. Quick, run a warm bath." I said.I scooped Taga into my arms and followed Steven. I held him gently as Steven filled the tub. I gently lowered him into the water and began to gently wash his anus. As he started to come around he started to cry."Easy Son. Easy, its over. No more now. Just relax."After draining the bath, I gently washed him out inside and picked him up and carried him back to the bedroom. Gently laid him on the bed and dried him off. I applied some antiseptic cream to the torn muscles on the inside of his entrance and then laid down beside him and took him into my arms. Devine covered us up and I held him close. He cried himself to sleep.When I woke up in the morning and looked at him. He was awake and looking at me."How are you feeling Son?""A little sore Master but okay. I'm sorry Master, I shouldn't have pushed for more.""No Son. It's all my fault. I'm the one that knew Onou would really hurt you inside. I forced him to do what he did. I'm not sure weather he will forgive me."I got up out of bed and headed for the shower. Steven and Devine intercepted me on the way there."Father, Onou's gone." Steven said."Gone? What do mean he is gone?""He got up a while ago and I thought he was just going to the bathroom. When I got up a few minutes later and went to the bathroom he wasn't there. I went out and looked outside. He just wasn't anywhere in sight. I was coming to wake you.""Damn."TBC
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